Trauma Drama: An interesting new trauma toy everyone’s talking about

Gunshot wound mortality is related in large part to rapid hemorrhage, usually direct pressure/tourniquet/gauze packing are all ways to help control the bleeding urgently.  Well, one startup company was inspired by the “Fix-a-Flat” tire device and created a similar device to prevent exsanguination from penetrating wounds.  XSTAT dressing created by RevMedX is a syringe pre-filled with tiny sponges.  Designed specifically for gunshot wounds, the syringe can be used to push the 1cm sponges directly into the open wound to fill the space and tamponade the bleeding.  Reportedly bleeding stops within 15 seconds.    Little sponges left inside the body? That sounds dangerous… well, the sponges come equipped with small radiopaque detectors which can be easily found by X-ray to ensure their removal if there is any doubt.  This hemostatic device has the military docs especially excited.



It’s not yet FDA approved for humans, but is currently under investigational trials.  A new innovation in trauma care to look forward to!

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1 comment for “Trauma Drama: An interesting new trauma toy everyone’s talking about

  1. Mark Silverberg
    March 24, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Sounds interesting. Remember pressure is force per unit area. Therefore it is important to tamponade “holes” with small bandages so you can concentrate the force over a small area. We also used a foley on a carotid GSW a little while back. That is a great trick that may one day save a patient’s life while we are waiting for the patent on this device to be approved. Just a thought.

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