Save of the Month! January 2015

Welcome to Save of the Month! where each month we recognize a resident who went above and beyond to make a great save in the ED. Nominations are solicited from the faculty each block and we pick one (or two!) resident for recognition and embarrassment on this blog.

This month’s edition goes to . . . Drs. Vikas Goswamy and Adam Blumenberg!

Here’s the story . . .vgoswamy

Vikas saw a chest pain patient. He thought the story was weird so asked Blumenberg to do an aorta TA US on the patient and Adam came back saying he thought the guy had a dissecting flap.  Vikas and I both agreed with ablumenbergAdam after we did our own ultrasounds.  The patient got a confirming contrast CT that showed a type A dissection and the pt was transferred for further management. It was a really great pick up as I thought the diagnosis came out of left field!




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1 comment for “Save of the Month! January 2015

  1. boiyemhonlan
    February 5, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    That’s awesome guys..Outstanding job! Vikas…I love the suit and tie!

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