About Us

The Original Kings of County Blog

Who are we: We are the residents of Kings County Hospital Emergency Department who have put together a unique resident-authored blog for all medical professionals.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to share up-to-date evidence based medicine reviews and interesting cases, interpret cool ECGs and images and drop some board review pearls. We’re having fun while gettin’ FOAMed.

Future goals: We want to continue having more attending and co-resident editing and input to make each post as substantial and useful to readers as possible. Special thanks to all the awesome attendings who have recently become interested in our very own FOAMed. We also are always looking for new authors with fresh ideas. This year we expanded to have columns such as The History of Medicine and palliatED. We hope to continue to expand and get other departments involved. Special thanks to the pharmacy department who recently wrote some great posts!

If you have ideas for a post or are just looking for a fun way to do some individualized learning, e-mail us at TOKCblog@gmail.com and come be a part of something fresh!

Meet the Blog Team


Adam Blumenberg, MD, MA

Resident Blogger and Editor

Adam is a KCHC/Downstate resident in Emergency Medicine. His interests include toxicology, film, photography, history, cooking, travel, education, cats, software development, science fiction, and thrift stores.

  Wendy Chan, M.D.

Senior Resident Editor and Blogger

Wendy is a senior EM resident at SUNY Downstate who studied film and dramatic writing at NYU. She currently co-chairs the med student clerkship committee and co-coordinates the critical care conferences. Her interests include critical care, medical education, and mixed media.

  Guy Carmelli, M.D.

Resident Editor of “Rhythm Nation”, a monthly ECG blogpost

Guy is a SUNY Downstate/Kings County Emergency Medicine Resident. He enjoys medical education and research, avid FOAM user, and playing soccer!

  Ian deSouza, M.D.

Content Reviewer and Editor-in-Chief

Ian is a SUNY Downstate/Kings County associate professor of emergency medicine who has tentacles in resident/staff education, research, and performance improvement. One of his many crusades is to obstruct the path of least intellectual resistance. His other interests include mentorship, volunteering, journaling, picking up his dog’s shi-, and watching hours of baseball.

Kylie Birnbaum, M.D.

Resident Blogger and Editor

Kylie is a Kings County / SUNY Downstate EM resident interested in FOAM and med education. She enjoys trading cat selfies with Adam Blumenberg, biking, snowboarding, and any ’90s references in blog posts.

Kyle Kelson, M.D.

Resident Blogger and Editor

Kyle is a Kings County / SUNY Downstate EM resident interested in artisanal cheeses and kinetic art, particularly the works of Alexander Rodchenko. In his free time he enjoys growing out his beard, pretty flowers, unicorns and hemorrhoidectomies.

Jackie Shibata, M.D.

Content Reviewer and Editor

Jackie is a SUNY Downstate| Kings County Emergency Medicine/ Internal Medicine Resident.

  Brian Tu, M.D.

Content Reviewer and Editor, Clinical Monster Webmaster

Brian is a Kings County Hospital | SUNY Downstate Emergency Medicine Resident