Nominated by: Dr. Wiener

This month we would like to congratulate the one and only DR. ADAM BLUMENBERG for a great save!!


A disheveled patient was placed in the hallway complaining of weakness and was labeled “ETOH, vomiting.” Our amazing resident, Dr. Blumenberg avoided premature closure and all the other biases he was faced with and took his own history and exam. The patient told him he could not move. Dr. Blumenberg took his complaint seriously and found that he did not withdraw to pain in any extremity. Dr. Blumenberg was concerned, placed a cervical collar, and was able to quickly and correctly diagnose the patient with a central cord syndrome! Dr. Blumenberg’s rapid recognition of the injury helped expedite appropriate care, and the patient was ultimately admitted to the Surgical ICU. How many other physicians would have missed this diagnosis?

Great save Dr. Blumenberg! And thank you for reminding us what a great physician looks like.

A quick review of central cord syndrome:

central cord

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