Stonefish Antivenom for Scorpionfish Envenomation


Keeping with tradition, I chose a paper to talk about for our first Wilderness Medicine meeting of the new academic year.  I chose this paper which addressed the use of stonefish antivenom to neutralize scorpionfish envenomation.

stonefish antivenom

This is a topic near and dear to my heart since I, myself, have been envenomated by a lionfish which is in the same family.  It hurts like hell and the spines of these fish are truly nasty.


If you don’t have time to read the entire paper, please see the nice and short summary.  It can be found by clicking this link:

stonefish antivenom summary

If you enjoy talking about this type of topic, please join us next month for our next Kings County Wilderness Medicine meeting which will be hosted by Paul Pukurdpol on August 9th.  He will be choosing a topic/paper and the venue where we will talk about it.

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